Open Current Account

You have options, we have solutions

DDSCBL Bank offers a Current Account to meet every kind of requirement from every kind of organisation – be it a large corporate, a small entrepreneur, a charitable trust, a housing society, a hospital or a professional.

With DDSCBL Bank Current Accounts, you can efficiently manage cash, simplify your payments and collections, and benefit from a wide range of free banking services such as fund transfers, local clearing, dynamic limits, cash deposits and withdrawals, etc.

Regular Current Account

  •   Deposit up to 2 lakhs cash free per month
  •    Free local/intercity cheque collection
  •    Get instant alerts on your transactions
  •   Get 4 free cash withdrawals per month

Current Account For Professionals

  •   Deposits up to Rs. 10 lakhs per month
  •    Free local/intercity cheque collection
  •    Issue 30 DDs and 30 POs a month free

Open Institutional Current Account

  •   No need to maintain balance
  •    Deposits up to 50 lakhs per month
  •    Unlimited Free Demand Draft (DD) & (PO)

Open Agri/Fishery Current Account

  •   Deposit up to 10 lakhs cash per month
  •    Withdraw cash free at home branches
  •    Free local/intercity cheque collection